♥♥ Happy Independence Day ♥♥
                                   JAI HIND.... ...
               This is our 64th Independence Day!
              Freedom is not a Right but a Feeling!
               Let’s be proud to feel the Freedom!
                 Let’s say loud we are INDIANS!!!
     Let all of us get to-gather & Let’s Celebrate Our
TVS Electronics are intelligent to choose the right time for the right product. TVS is all set to launch the first keyboard incorporating the latest Rupee symbol on the Independence Day this August. The Gold Bharat keyboard is friendly with Windows and Linux OS.

It includes a cherry mechanical switch that can take up to 50 million keystrokes. The keys of this device are prevented from wear and tear by using laser etched keycaps. This keyboard can support many Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Assamese and more.

S. S. Raman, MD, TVS said, “We are proud to depict the Indian Rupee symbol in our keyboard and we are the first and only Indian manufacturer to do so. As the core Indian company, we believe in ‘Taking IT to the heart of India’ and this is our humble dedication to the nation this independence day. We are also facilitating faster and comprehensive rollout across all the products.”

Microsoft, on Thursday announced to release Internet Explorer 9 beta on Sept. 15, in San Francisco. The company sent the invitation titled “Beauty of the Web” that included an HTML5 invitation site with an animated word game.

There are many speculations about the look of the new version where some say it will look like Chrome-like “tabs-on-top” or incorporation of an Office-like ribbon toolbar or some say it would resemble the Zune/Windows Phone 7 “Metro” look.

It would be friendly with upcoming web standards like HTML5, SVG, and CSS3. It also seems that the browser has integrated its new Chakra JavaScript engine directly into the browser code rather than as a separate script engine accessed via COM (Component Object Model) Internet Explorer General Manager Dean Hachamovitch claims that this approach “significantly improves performance for real world websites.”

The Microsoft team working on IE9 focuses on two objectives: speed and standards support. The XP users won’t be able to use this faster browser as for the speed enhancement; the browser takes advantage of graphics hardware acceleration using the version of DirectX present in Vista and Windows 7.
British SUV maker Land Rover is all set to develop its models in India from 2011. The company would most probably start in Pune with the assembly of the Freelander that is sold in the U.S. as the LR2. Vehicles manufactured in India would attract import duty of only 60 percent which had been 106 percent earlier on fully built-up imported cars.

Land Rover has currently sold 195 vehicles in the first seven months of this year where 53 of them have been Freelanders. The Range Rover Sport which was launched in India in 2009 has 63 buyers till now.
Epic with sidebar.

The Epic Browser is the first-ever web browser for India and the first product from the software company Hidden Reflex.

Hidden Reflex is a software product startup founded by Alok Bhardwaj in 2007 and based in Bangalore. Alok, who was raised in the U.S., was inspired by the success of open source software and web 2.0 innovations. Hidden Reflex began as a team of three but soon progressed and now has dedicated teams working on two products simultaneously – the Epic Browser and NewsDrink. The company also has three patents pending related to its product innovations.

The company’s vision is to become the first globally recognized, consumer-oriented software product company in India. According to Alok Bhardwaj, CEO and Founder of Hidden Reflex, “We want to prove that India can be a hub for innovation in software and technology."

Our mission with the Epic browser is to create the most secure, most productive and most “Indian” browsing experience of any web browser!

Government hopes to signal India's growing strength with globally recognised currency symbol
It may look like a melted British Rail sign but it's hoped that a new symbol for the Indian rupee will signal India's growing economic strength ‑ and it will be coming soon to a keyboard near you.

The winning design was selected by the Indian cabinet yesterday from a shortlist of fivefollowing a national competition.

Measures are already afoot to have the rupee sign declared a computer standard, meaning it could join currencies such as the pound, dollar, euro and yen on keyboards within two years.

"The distinct symbol denotes the robustness of the Indian economy," India's information minister, Ambika Soni, said.

References to sums in rupees currently involve spelling out the word or giving it the abbreviation Rs or INRs to distinguish it from other Asian countries that use rupees or variations thereof.

"Once accepted, it will stand clear from the clutter of currencies that call themselves rupee or the rupiah," India's Telegraph reported.

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